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Commercial Solar PV Systems | Battery Storage Solutions

Commercial Solar PV Systems | Battery Storage Solutions


Retain Energy is able to design, supply and install premium commercial solar PV systems to enable businesses to produce their own electricity, lower their energy costs and reduce their impact on the environment and the national grid.

Solar panels for businesses are almost identical to those used on a domestic property but are much more powerful. Either installed on a rooftop or ground mounted, solar panels work by converting sunlight into DC electricity which is converted into AC electricity through a series of inverters. This energy is used to power businesses regardless of the size of the organisation or which industry it operates within.

Key Benefits of Commercial Solar PV:

  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Reduced CO2 output resulting in improved carbon accounting figures
  • Offers good PR of your green credentials as a company
  • Generation of additional income from any unused electricity
  • Larger commercial solar PV installations can achieve a reasonable ROI if there’s a significant amount of electricity consumption during daylight hours
  • Stabilise your electricity supply and reduce air conditioning/cooling overheads during the warm summer months


Every roof and the business it's attached to is totally unique and this is reflected in our approach when we design a commercial solar PV system. Working closely with you, we’ll create a system that is perfectly designed to meet your exact needs to fulfil your short and long term project goals.

When it comes to funding a new commercial solar PV system, cleaner and greener business energy shouldn’t come at a high expense to the business. We therefore have a finance package to help fund your new investment.


We don’t solely focus on roof mounted commercial solar PV solutions for organisations across the nation. If you have a large enough piece of land that is shadow-free, a ground-mounted solar PV system could be a great solution for your business.

Ground-mounted solar PV systems use the same kind of solar panels as a rooftop system but come with a different installation process. Planning permission from your local authority is usually required and the process usually takes longer to fully complete as you may also be required to conduct a feasibility study.

A ground-mounted system can also increase its energy production thanks to a unique tracking mechanism which allows the solar panels to be angled towards the sun throughout daylight hours. As a result of ‘following the sun’, you will benefit from increased electricity output and a reduced electricity bill without having to add more panels. Please note that solar tracking is not an option for most rooftop installations.


Ever rising energy bills are a significant outgoing to most businesses throughout the UK which can directly impact the bottom line. By introducing measures to improve the management of your energy usage, can positively impact the day to day running of your business.

There's no doubt that commercial battery storage will play a major role in the global energy mix in the very near future. When used in conjunction with commercial solar PV, it can help manage your electricity requirements after the sun has set depending on your energy consumption needs.

Typical Uses of Battery Storage:

  • Reinforce or reduce your daily electricity needs
  • Generate additional revenue by selling electricity back to the grid
  • Provide backup power to your building
  • Capture excess exported energy from your commercial solar PV system


Solar batteries are large energy storage solutions which are usually found outside the property of a business. Most systems use lithium-ion technology and work by capturing and storing the energy that is generated from a commercial solar PV system.