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Battery Storage Solutions

Battery Storage Solutions

Q: What are battery storage solutions?


A: Battery storage solutions are large energy storage units of varying capacity which can be added to a Solar PV system to enable more efficient utilisation of energy produced. Most systems use lithium-ion technology and work by capturing and storing the energy that is generated from a commercial solar PV system.


Q: How important are battery storage solutions?


A: The ever rising energy bills are a significant outgoing to most businesses throughout the UK which can directly impact the bottom line. By introducing measures to improve the management of your energy usage, you can positively impact the day to day running of your business.There's no doubt that commercial battery storage will play a major role in the global energy mix in the very near future. When used in conjunction with commercial solar PV, it can help manage your electricity requirements after the sun has set depending on your energy consumption needs.


Q: What are the typical uses of battery storage?


Reinforce or reduce your daily electricity needs

Can be configured to help provide backup power to your building

Capture excess exported energy from your commercial solar PV system